Volodymyr T. Chemerys

Volodymyr T. Chemerys was born in Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk region, city Apostolovo, in 1940. He has graduated National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) in Kyiv (1962) on electrical engineering (Chair of Electromechanics, speciality "electrical machines and apparatus"). He received the Ph.D. degree in the Institute of Electrodynamics (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences) in 1973 on speciality "Energy Conversion". IEEE member since 1995. Since July 1989 up to March 1996 was a Principal Investigator of Electromagnetic accelerators of macrobodies and Chief of Pulsed Electromechanics Department in the Institute of Electrodynamics. Was working successfully with 5 post graduate students who resulting entered into science with Ph.D. degrees on electrical machines. In 1996 - 2001 he had taken part in the IEEE Electromagnetic Launch symposium and Pulsed Power Conferences.

Now he is with Department of Theoretical and Applied Physics at National Aviation University of Ukraine in Kyiv as associate professor. Author 150 scientific articles and 27 inventions. Area of interest includes the physics of energy conversion in the pulsed electromechanical devices and accelerators.