A new approach to field modelling

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Evgeni Volpov

Evgeni Volpov is Insulation System Design Expert in the Planning Development and Technology Division of the Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. He graduated from St Petersburg State Polytechnic University in 1982 with M. Sc. in Electrical Networks and Systems, and received a Ph.D. in High Voltage Technology and Physics from the Electrotechnical Institute of Russia, Moscow, in 1990. Since 1986, he has been involved in research projects regarding insulation design and diagnostic testing of UHV AC-DC SF6 GIS. His research interests include E-Field modeling, Insulation Coordination, Statistical Dimensioning of Outdoor Insulators, Shielding Protection and Lightning Performance Assessment of Transmission Lines, PD Diagnostics, Failure Analysis, and Asset Management.
Dr. Volpov is a member of IEEE DEIS; he has authored/co-authored 19 scientific publications including 1 patent.

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