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Coupl4: Tokamak solenoid

The central solenoid of the ohmic heating system for a TOKAMAK fusion device.

Problem Type:
Axisymmetric problem of magneto-structural coupling.


TOKAMAK solenoid model

The solenoid consists of 80 superconducting coils fixed in common plastic structure. Due to mirror symmetry one half of the structure is modeled.


Data for magnetic analysis:
Current density in coils j = 3·108 A/m2;
Magnetic permittivity of plastic, coils and liquid helium inside coils μ = 1.

Data for stress analysis:
Copper of coils:
Young's modulus E = 7.74·1010 N/m2;
Poisson's ratio ν = 0.335;
Maximum allowable stress: 2.2·108 N/m2.
Plastic structure:
Young's modulus E = 2·1011 N/m2;
Poisson's ratio ν = 0.35;
Maximum allowable stress: 109 N/m2.

The Coupl4MS.pbm is the problem of calculating the magnetic field generated by the solenoid, and Coupl4SA.pbm analyzes stresses and deformations in coils and plastic structure due to Lorentz forces acting on the coils.


Magnetic flux density distribution in TOKAMAK solenoid:

Mechanical stress distribution in TOKAMAK solenoid:

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