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Heat1: Slot of an electric machine

This is an example of the slot of an electric machine simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type:
Plane problem of heat transfer with convection.


Slot of an electric machine

All dimensions are in millimeters. Stator outer diameter is 690 mm. Domain is a 10-degree segment of stator transverse section. Two armature bars laying in the slot release ohmic loss. Cooling is provided by convection to the axial cooling duct and both surfaces of the core.

Specific copper loss: 360000 W/m3;
Thermal conductivity of steel: 25 W/K·m;
Thermal conductivity of copper: 380 W/K·m;
Thermal conductivity of insulation: 0.15 W/K·m;
Thermal conductivity of wedge: 0.25 W/K·m;

Inner stator surface:
Convection coefficient: 250 W/K·m2;
Temperature of contacting air: 40 °C.

Outer stator surface:
Convection coefficient: 70 W/K·m2;
Temperature of contacting air: 20 °C.

Cooling duct:
Convection coefficient: 150 W/K·m2;
Temperature of contacting air: 40 °C.

Calculate temperature distribution in the stator tooth zone of power synchronous electric machine.

Temperature distribution in a slot of an electric machine:

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