Circuit3: Bandpass filter

Problem Type:
A plane-parallel problem of AC magnetic field analysis.


R1 = 150 Ohm;
R2 = 150 Ohm;
C1 = 840 pF;
C2 = 0.1637 μF;
C3 = 852 pF;
C4 = 0.0558 μF;
L1 = 12.11 mH;
L2 = 62.08 μH;
L3 = 11.91 mH;
L4 = 182.3 μH;

Calculate the filter transfer function.

The set of QuickField problems is automatically generated by the Label Mover utility. The input signal value is set to 1 V. The output signal is measured at R2.
QuickField cannot simulate standalone circuits. Therefore the artificial AC magnetic problem field simulation problem with specified circuit was created. The results are taken from the circuit only.
Study was performed in two stages. During the first stage wide frequency range was analyzed (from 0 Hz to 1 MHz with step of 50 kHz). Then the band pass was analyzed in more detail (from 40 to 60 kHz with step of 0.1 kHz).


See the Circuit3.pbm problem and Circuit3.qlm LabelMover script in the Examples folder.