HMagn3: Nonlinear ferromagnetic core in sinusoidal magnetic field

A sinusoidal current carrying conductor is surrounded by nonlinear ferromagnetic core.

Problem Type:
A plane-parallel problem of nonlinear AC magnetics.


Total current I = 500 A.
Frequency f = 50 Hz.
Core BH-curve: H = 100·B2

Calculate B and H distribution along the radius r.

To calculate the sinusoidal filed distribution in nonlinear core we should use the modified curve B'(H) (see Formulations in AC Magnetics).
In this particular case the modified BH-curve can be calculated as B`(H) = B(H) * (1 + 1/sqrt(180))

B,H distribution along the radius

See the HMagn3.pbm problem in the Examples folder.