Magn3: Ferromagnetic C-magnet

The example demonstrates how to model curved permanent magnet using the equivalent surface currents.

Problem Type:
Plane problem of magnetics.


Relative permeability of the air μ = 1;
Relative permeability of the magnet μ = 1000;
Coercive force of the magnet Hc = 10000 A/m.

The polarization of the magnet is along its curvature.

To avoid the influence of the boundaries while modeling the unbounded problem, we'll enclose the magnet in a rectangular region of air and specify zero Dirichlet boundary condition on its sides.

Magnetization of straight parts of the magnet is specified in terms of coercive force vector. Effective surface currents simulate magnetization in the middle curved part of the magnet.

See the Magn3.pbm problem in the Examples folder.