Stres1: Perforated plate

A thin rectangular sheet with a central hole subject to tensile loading.

Problem Type:
Plane problem of stress analysis (plane stress formulation).


Plate thickness 5 mm

Young's modulus E = 207000 N/mm2;
Poisson's ratio ν = 0.3.

The uniform tensile loading (40 N/mm2) is applied to the bottom edge of the structure.

Determine the concentration factor due to presence of the central opening.

Due to mirror symmetry one quarter of the structure is presented, and internal boundaries are restrained in X and Y directions respectively.

The concentration factor may be obtained from the loading stress (40 N/mm2) and the maximum computed stress (146 N/mm2) as

k = 146 / 40 = 3.65.

See the Stres1.pbm problem in the Examples folder.