TElec1: Nonlinear capacitor

Nonlinear capacitor consist of metal plates isolated by nonlinear dielectric.

Analysis Type:

An axisymmetric problem of Transient electric field.


nonlinear capacitor modelnonlinear capacitor


Relative permittivity dielectric - nonlinear.
Voltage U0 = 0.. 240 V.


Calculate C(U) curve.


To calculate C(U) curve we should make a set of experiments: change the voltage and measure the charge q. The capacitance is C = q / U.

To automate the task lets apply the time-dependent voltage u(t) = Umax*t, where t - is time. Thus we replace the series of problems with one time-dependent problem. After the problem is solved QuickField can calculate q(t) automatically.


Measured u(t) and q(t).

q,u(t) nonlinear capacitor curve

Calculated nonlinear capacitor characteristics C(U), q(U).

nonlinear capacitor curve capacteristics

See the Telec1.pbm problem in the Examples folder.