Bent copper wire resistance

Calculation of bending effect on wire electrical resistance

Problem Type:
3D problem of DC conduction.



All dimensions are in millimeters.

Copper electric conductivity σ = 56e6 S/m.
Current I = 100 A.

Determine the resistance of the bent copper wire.

The resistance R is equal to the ratio of voltage drop V to the current I
R = V / I [Ohm]
We apply normal current density jn = I / A (where A is a wire cross-section area) at current terminal and zero potential at ground terminal. DC conduction simulation yields the current terminal electric potential V.

Electric potential and current distribution in a wire:

Bent copper wire electrical resistance

Current terminal electric potential V = 0.00168 [V].
Resistance R = 0.00168 / 100 = 16.8 [uOhm].

See the bent_copper_wire_resistance.pbm problem in the Examples folder.