AC magnetic analysis overview

AC magnetic analysis is used to analyze magnetic field caused by alternating currents and, vice versa, electric currents induced by alternating magnetic field (eddy currents). This kind of analysis is useful for designing inductor devices, solenoids, electric motors, and so forth. Generally the quantities of interest in harmonic magnetic analysis are electric current (and its source and induced component), voltage, generated Joule heat, magnetic flux density, field intensity, forces, torques, impedance and inductance.

The AC magnetic field simulation can be coupled with electric circuit. The circuit can contain arbitrarily connected resistors, capacitors, inductances, and solid conductors located in the magnetic field region.

A special type of AC magnetic is nonlinear analysis. It allows estimating with certain precision the behavior of a system with ferromagnets, which otherwise would require much lengthier transient analysis.

Following options are available for harmonic magnetic analysis:

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