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Our Support website provides a wide range of different materials, related to QuickField software. Today it is considered that more fun is watching video than reading texts. Following this trend and making studying the QuickField basics more enjoyable, we prepared a variety of video materials. They include animated tutorials of the Virtual Classroom and recordings of the QuickField webinars.

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webinar: Proximity- and Skin-Effect evaluated with QuickField
Discussion of physical processes caused by high frequency currents in vicinity of the conductive media

Author: Dieter Stotz     Date: Jun 2013
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: eddy current,skin effect,proximity effect

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webinar: QuickField Analysis for Non-Destructive Evaluation simulations
Prof. Claycomb speakes about eddy current NDE, SQUID-based NDE systems, stress analysis near fatigue cracks and NDE using remnant magnetization and simulation of pipe inspection.

Author: Dr. James Claycomb     Date: Oct 2010
Application: other
Tags: SQUID,NDE,non-destructive,fatique,pipe inspection

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tutorial: Slot of electric machine
Skin effect analysis resistance calculation for the conductor in the slot of electric machine

Author: QuickField Support team     Date: Aug 2010
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: electric machine,motor,skin,eddy current,impedance

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