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Our Support website provides a wide range of different materials, related to QuickField software. Today it is considered that more fun is watching video than reading texts. Following this trend and making studying the QuickField basics more enjoyable, we prepared a variety of video materials. They include animated tutorials of the Virtual Classroom and recordings of the QuickField webinars.

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webinar: QuickField analysis for Superconductors
Meissner effect resulting in the expulsion of magnetic flux from superconductors with different geometries. Zero-field-cooled and field-cooled boundary conditions are demonstrated along with the calculation of superconducting surface current density and inductance. Type I and Type II superconductors, superconducting flux focusers.

Author: Dr. James Claycomb     Date: Jul 2010
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: meissner,superconductor,surface current,inductance,flux focuser

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webinar: QuickField for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications
The use of QuickField for shielding low frequency AC, static, and electromagnetic noise sources will be modeled. Examples include power line (50 or 60 Hz and harmonics), the geomagnetic field and its variations, lightning, stray fields from electric motors, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resulting from nuclear detonation. The shielding properties of various conducting, permeable and superconducting material combinations will be demonstrated.

Author: Dr. James Claycomb     Date: Jun 2011
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: superconducting multi-layer screen,mu-metall shielding factor,biomagnetic,superconductor

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tutuorial: Superconducting bowl shield with the optional layer of mu-metal
This is an example of the superconducting bowl shield simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Author: Dr. James Claycomb, Houston Baptist University     Date: Jun 2011
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: superconducting magnetic shield,superconductor screening

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