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Our Support website provides a wide range of different materials, related to QuickField software. Today it is considered that more fun is watching video than reading texts. Following this trend and making studying the QuickField basics more enjoyable, we prepared a variety of video materials. They include animated tutorials of the Virtual Classroom and recordings of the QuickField webinars.

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tutorial: Cable insulation optimization
Determine optimal HV conductor diameter, to get minimal electric field stress in the cable insulation at the inner conductor surface.

Author: Richard Ness     Date: Feb 2010
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: coaxial cable insulation electric stress,high voltage cable design

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tutorial: Comb drive
Comb-drive is a MEMS device that utilize electrostatic forces acting between two electrically conductive combs connected to the voltage source.

Author: QuickField Support team     Date: Oct 2013
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: microelectromechanical device simulation,comb drive electrostatic force,MEMS device simulation

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tutorial: Electric circuit analysis
Calculate currents and voltages in the circuit elements, check the power balance.

Author: QuickField Support team     Date: Apr 2015
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: electric circuit analysis,power balance in the electric circuit,electric circuit simulation,circuit elements currents and voltages

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webinar: High voltage engineering simulations with QuickField
During this webinar we will demonstrate how to apply QuickField for the engineering simulation of the high voltage systems

Author: QuickField Support team     Date: Mar 2018
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: high voltage engineering

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tutorial: High voltage three phase cable ampacity. Magnetic analysis
High voltage 3-phase cable laid in trefoil formation underground. Determine the losses and temperature distribution.

Author: QuickField support team     Date: Mar 2018
Application: electrical engineering
Tags: underground cable ampacity IEC 60287

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