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Dieter Stotz

Dieter Stotz, born 1954 in Germany, works since many years as a hardware engineer and developer. His main area is measurement systems for the food industry, for which he developed measurement devices for filling level, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, and flow. His special subjects are signal processing, sensor technology at its physical requirements, and controller programming. He is also working intensively in the EMC area.

Past experiences: Audio- and video technology and control technology for electron beam welders.

He is author of many publications in magazines and 6 books. Two of his newest books are:

Computergestützte Audio- und Videotechnik, Springer 2011, ISBN 978-3-642-23252-7

Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit in der Praxis, Springer 2012, ISBN 978-3-642-34344-5

Hobbys: Music (making), Physics & Electronics.

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