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Peter Dickson

Peter Dickson received the degree of B.Eng. (Elect-Mech), Gippsland IAE Australia 1985 and has more than 35 years in power electronics and induction heating design. In 2004 he formed Pac-Rim Engineering Services Inc. a Michigan corporation which provides low frequency electromagnetic and thermal modeling services in the Pacific Rim region.
QuickField ActiveField is one of the back-ends used for modeling, along with Pac-Rim's own numerical and analytical solvers. Pac-Rim also provides a development service for compact software applications used to model/control specific processes or devices in electro-heating during operation.

Peter Dickson is a member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia and is a professional engineer on the register of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
He is joint inventor of 2 patents in the field of induction heating. One of these patents was developed with extensive use of QuickField ActiveField as a back-end solver and a pilot process has recently been successfully implemented.