A new approach to field modelling
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QuickField is designed as a flexible tool for wide range of applications. Some of them are more complicated, and require more help even with such a simple tool as QuickField. In this section we grouped links to additional resources related. Among them are:

  • QuickField Student Edition - free software which may be used for learning basics of field simulation, or as a free viewer of results obtained by more powerful versions of QuickField.
  • Recorded webinars - why not spending one hour learning the tips and hints from experts, participated in our past webinars on QuickField applications? These media files are packed with information you cannot find anywhere else!
  • User manual - this is a PDF copy of printed documentation, for those who like reading manuals
  • Material libraries - these data in QuickField format, offered by third parties, may be used for defining your problem parameters or as a reference
  • Sample problems - include various examples, including those which included into QuickField distributive those which were used in the Virtual Classroom, and many others.

Do not overlook publications and articles, related to QuickField.