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Analysis type
DC magnetics
AC magnetics
Transient magnetics
DC conduction
AC conduction
Transient electric
Steady-state Heat Transfer
Transient Heat Transfer
Stress Analysis
Electric circuit

Model class
3D Extrusion
3D Import

electrical engineering
mechanical engineering
bio engineering
thermal engineering

for Student Edition
with programming
with LabelMover
with video

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MEMS stress sensor
QuickField Support team

MEMS stress sensor

Model class: Plane-parallel
Analysis type: Stress Analysis
Application: mechanical engineering

Calculate the sensor deformation and electrical capacitance in initial and deformed states.

Tags: MEMS stress sensor simulation,MEMS capacitance

Thermal control
QuickField Support team

Thermal control

Model class: Axisymmetric
Analysis type: Stress Analysis
Application: mechanical engineering

Two bars are firmly attached opposite each other so that there is a small gap between them. At the particular temperature bars come into contact.

Tags: bimetallic thermal control,thermo-structural analysis,thermal expansion,bimetallic strip temperature sensor

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