Editing the curves

Curve functions, which describe some field dependent parameters, are implemented as tables containing two columns: an argument and a function, e.g., magnetic field intensity and flux density or temperature and thermal conductivity. Editing the table is supported with graphical presentation of the dependency, which is interpolated with cubic spline between the entered points. The solver uses the same curve as you see on your screen.

To add a new point to the curve, do the following:

To correct a table value, simply type the new value in the table cell.

To copy table rows to the Clipboard, either select these rows in the table or select the corresponding points on the graph and press (Ctrl+C). The copied rows could be later pasted into the table.

To remove the point, select it in the table or on the graph and click Delete button or press the DEL key.

You may control the scaling of the graph with use of zoom buttons zoom buttons. To make the whole graph visible, click Zoom to fit button.

Dragging a dialog window boundary allows to resize the window. QuickField remembers the resulting window size and position for future use.

The graph image could be copied to the Clipboard and/or saved to a file. To do that, invoke the corresponding commands in the context (right-click) menu of the graph.

To exit from editing the curve, click Close button or press ESC. Note that subsequent canceling of label data editing with ESC key or the Cancel button will discard all changes in the curve editing.