A new approach to field modelling
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Unlike many competing finite-element software packages QuickField requires no training. Its learning curve is extremely short, and it is equally suitable tool for both novices and seasoned engineering professionals. You may master QuickField using animated tutorials of the Virtual Classroom, you may browse through many example problems to find most related to your applications, and you are always welcome to discuss any technical question with experts from our QuickField Support team.

Basing on our experience, we recommend the following steps for getting acquainted with QuickField:

  1. Downloading of the QuickField Student Edition. This free software with limited number of mesh nodes for mesh generation and solving features the full postprocessor for analysis of previously solved problems and examples.
  2. Briefing of the QuickField basics in the Virtual Classroom.
  3. Using the Student Edition to analyze the example problems, used in the Virtual Classroom.
  4. Making few simple simulations from scratch.
  5. Getting more tips and hints from experts at QuickField Webinars (live and recorded).
  6. If your applications requires more dense mesh, than is allowable in the Student Edition, and you are considering ordering a Professional Edition - you may send us the model files, prepared by Student Edition, and we will send you results, obtained on large mesh, for further analysis with your Student Edition postprocessor. Or, if your plans are serious - you may request a short time free evaluation of the Professional Edition.

Professional Edition users are recommended to have a software maintenance contract, which assures free updates and priority access to the QuickField technical support. Customers under maintenance contract will have login and password to the protected section of the Support website with fresh updates. The quote for one-time update or maintenance extension may be generated automatically at Product > Order.

For all other questions concerning our software maintenance please contact our Sales Office.

Users of all QuickField versions, including free QuickField Student Edition, are welcome to use our support hotline.