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3-phase transmission line with grounding

This is an example of the 3-phase transmission line with grounding simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type:
Plane problem of AC magnetics.


3-phase-transmission-line model

Line length l = 4 km;
Copper conductor diameter d = 1 mm;
Conductivity of copper g = 58·106 Sm/m;
Voltage U = 400 V;
Resistance R_A = 2 Ohm;
Resistance R_B = 2.5 Ohm;
Resistance R_C = 1 Ohm;
Inductance L = 0.002 H;
Ground resistance - 8 Ohm.

In this tutorial we will calculate the current in the power transmission line connected with an external circuit load.


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Field distribution in 3-phase transmission line:

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