A new approach to field modelling

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Bushing insulator

3-phase bushing insulators 10kV rated are installed on the transformer tank cover.

Problem Type: electrostatics.

Geometry: 3D extrusion.

pair of coaxial discs

Relative permittivity of air ε = 1,
Relative permittivity of oil ε = 2.2,
Relative permittivity of insulator ε = 6,
phase A electric potential UA = 10000·√2/√3 · cos(0) = +8165 V,
phase B electric potential UB = 10000·√2/√3 · cos(120) = -4082 V,
phase C electric potential UC = 10000·√2/√3 · cos(240) = -4082 V.

Find the maximum field strength at the insulator and the electric field distribution.

To find the maximum field strength it is enough to simulate the electrostatic field at the moment of maximum voltage at the specific phase insulator. Phase A insulator maximum field simulation is presented (for phases B and C similar approach should be used).

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Electric field strength distribution at the surfaces of the insulators is presented at the picture below.

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