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Elec2: Two conductors transmission line

This is an example of the two conductors transmission line simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type:

Plane-parallel problem of electrostatics.


Two conductors microstrip transmission line

The problem's region is bounded by ground from the bottom side and extended to infinity on other three sides.
Model depth l = 1 m.


Relative permittivity of air ε= 1;
Relative permittivity of dielectric ε= 2.


Determine self and mutual capacitance of conductors.


To avoid the influence of outer boundaries, we'll define the region as a rectangle large enough to neglect side effects. To calculate the capacitance matrix we set the voltage U = 1 V on one conductor and U = 0 on another one.

Self capacitance: C11 = C22 = Q1 / U1 ,

Mutual capacitance: C12 = C21 = Q2 / U1 ,

where charge Q1 and Q2 are evaluated on rectangular contours around conductor 1 and 2 away from their edges. We chose the contours for the C11 and C12 calculation to be rectangles [-6<x<0], [0<y<4] and [0 <x<6], [0<y<4] respectively.

Comparison of results

Potential distribution in two conductors transmission line:


C11, F

C12, F








A. Khebir, A. B. Kouki, and R. Mittra, "An Absorbing Boundary Condition for Quasi-TEM Analysis of Microwave Transmission Lines via the Finite Element Method", Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 1990.

Download Download simulation files: elec2.zip