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Linear particle accelerator

Linear particle accelerator (linac) is used to accelerate charged particles.

Problem Type:
Axisymmetric problem of electrostatics.


Linear particle accelerator

Relative permittivity of vacuum ε = 1;
Ring potential U+ = 15 kV.
Emitter potential U- = -15 kV.
Charge (electron) q = -1.602e-19 C
Mass (electron) m = 9.109e-31 kg
Initial velocity vy = vz = vφ = 0 m/s.
Emitter position (0; 0; 0).

Calculate the charged particle speed at the center of the linear accelerator ring.

Particle trajectory may be calculated using the built-in function in QuickField Electrostatic postprocessor or by the free tool TrajectoryTracer.

Particle speed at the ring center is vz = 90000 km/s.

linear particle accelerator simulation

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    QuickField 6.4