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Superconducting bowl shield with the optional layer of mu-metal

This is an example of the superconducting bowl shield simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type: axisymmetric problem of DC magnetics.

Mu-metal cylinder shield
D = 32 cm, t1 = 1 cm, t2 = 1 cm

Relative magnetic permeability of mu-metal μ = 10000,
External field B = 277 mT.

Determine the shielding factor for the single layer superconducting bowl shield and for the bowl covered with the second layer of mu-metal.

Uniformal external magnetic field was defined by assigning a non-zero vector magnetic potential distribution on the simulation area boundary.

Magnetic field strength distribution in case of the single layered superconducting bowl shield.
single layered superconducting bowl shield

Magnetic field strength distribution in case of the superconducting bowl shield covered with the mu-metal layer
superconducting bowl shield covered with mu-metal layer

Superconducting bowl shield

Magnetic flux density
5 cm away from the bowl bottom

Single layered

7.5 mT (2.7%)

With additional mu-metal layer

9.7 mT (3.5%)

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