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Iron core loss calculation with QuickField

Iron core loss calculation with QuickField

QuickField 6.2 provides comprehensive approach for the magnetic core loss calculation.

In AC Magnetic analysis solution is based on Bertotti expression, where hysteresis, eddy current and excess losses are controlled by corresponding coefficients, which may be approximated using magnetic material data and defined for each QuickField model block.

More complicated scenarios, including the magnetic loss analysis in transient field, may require more sophisticated methods of loss calculation.
QuickField 6.2 Application Programming interface provides practical engineers with universal solution for such situations based on custom user-defined integrals which may be linked to QuickField postprocessors.

During this webinar we will discuss calculation of magnetic core losses using standard and advanced features of QuickField 6.2.

Read presentation (in PDF format).

Simulation examples:
Laminated iron core losses.
Custom integral (AC magnetics).
Custom integral (transient magnetics).

View movie Download the video recording:
Part 1. Intro
Part 2. Core loss coefficients calculation
Part 3. AC Magnetic core losses
Part 4. Transient magnetic core losses
Part 5. Square wave transient magnetic

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