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What's new in QuickField 6.3 service pack 1

Release date: February 21, 2018

  • QuickField 6.3 SP1 overview
  • Version 6.3 SP1 does not bring new types of analysis or field presentation methods - instead we concentrated our efforts on improving user interface and fixing bugs, making QuickField easier and more reliable tool. Here is a brief list of changes.

    • It is now possible to define the initial temperatures, boundary conditions or display results in the chosen temperature units -of Kelvin, Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.
    • Number of the significant digits in the displayed local and integral results may be adjusted.
    • The total time of solution is now displayed in the "problem is solved" dialog.
    • Menu Tools>Options is added, and this is a major step allowing adjusting the settings and storing them between the analysis sessions.
    • Field View dialog panel got a new control - "apply" button. It allows viewing the adjusted field picture without closing the dialog and if needed - adjust the field view further till the displayed picture of the field map, equipotential lines or vectors becomes adequate.
    • Field line controls now include the base value - this helps assigning convenient numerical values to the isotherms or to the equipotential lines.

    Many errors are fixed, including:

    • LabelMover is unstable in the multiple threads operation mode.
    • Frequency sweep analysis with LabelMover displays the last step results twice.
    • Electrical displacement is shown incorrectly in some AC Conduction problems.
    • Electrical displacement current is shown incorrectly in some Transient Electric problems.

    Full list is available for customers having an active maintenance contract.

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