A new approach to field modelling

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Planned release date:
December 2017

Coming soon: QuickField 6.3 SP1

Within weeks we are releasing a Service Pack 1 for QuickField 6.3.

Version 6.3 SP1 does not bring new types of analysis or field presentation methods - instead we concentrated our efforts on improving user interface and fixing bugs, making QuickField easier and more reliable tool. Here is a brief list of changes:

Menu Tools>Options is added, and this is a major step allowing adjusting the settings and storing them between the analysis sessions. In addition to the Geometry Editor undo stack length and DXF import accuracy (these parameters could be adjusted in previous versions) it is now possible to specify:

  • Temperature units: Celsius, Kelvin, Fahrenheit.
  • Number of the displayed digits in the calculated local and integral values.
  • Default path to the new problems.
  • Default length units for the new problems.
  • Default color number for the color maps.
  • Animation step in the harmonic problems.
  • Whether the last opened problem should be opened automatically when QuickField starts.

Field View dialog panel got a new control - "apply" button. It allows viewing the adjusted field picture without closing the dialog and if needed - adjust the field view further till the displayed picture of the field map, equipotential lines or vectors becomes adequate.

Field line controls now include the base value - this helps assigning convenient numerical values to the isotherms or to the equipotential lines.

Many errors are fixed, including:
Bug 1621. Length units change resets the vector display settings
Bug 1637. Equipotential lines for phases +0 and +90 in AC Magnetic field view are shown in similar colors, which makes the picture unclear.
Bug 1650. Parameters displayed as Color Maps in the DC Conduction problems do not include temperature
Full list is available for customers having an active maintenance contract.