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Chip radiator heat sink

Problem Type:
3D problem of heat transfer.


Chip radiator heat sink
all length units are in millimeters.

Thermal conductivity of metal λ = 270 W/K·m.
Convection coefficient α = 15 W/(K·m2).
Ambient air temperature T0 = 20 °C.
Chip heat flux Q = 10 W.

Calculate radiator thermal resistance.

Thermal resistance is the ratio of Temperature difference to Heat flux. As the heat flux is input parameter, QuickField task is to calculate the temperature distribution.
QuickField takes an input heat flux as watts per meter square [W/m2]. So we should divide Q [W] by the chip surface area (which is 20mm x 20mm = 0.0004 m2).

Temperature distribution in the heat sink:

Chip radiator heat sink temperature


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