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Tera Analysis presents QuickField at the European conference and exhibition on electromagnetics in Toulouse, France - July 2-6, 2012.

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    Dr. James Claycomb explains how to use
    QuickField for Electromagnetic Shielding Applications.

    QuickField is a powerful tool for electromagnetic simulations. List of applications is very large, but most often it is used for EMC analysis or design of various electrical engineering components and systems - high voltage equipment, cables, capacitors, transformers, electric motors and induction heating devices.

    QuickField gallery of examples shows electromagnetic fields within and around these devices and approaches for calculating the corresponding device parameters. Few of them are shown below.

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    Electromagnetic shielding

    Ground connector

    Line-to-line short circuit

    ZnO lighting arrester

    Two intersecting conducting planes electric field

    Power cable parameters calculation

    Stratified high voltage bushing

    Cylindrical capacitor

    Parallel wires capacitance

    Winding capacitance

    Pulse transformer

    Tokamak solenoid


    Transmission line capacitance

    Mutual inductance of coils

    We are at EUROEM 2012:

    PCB design with QuickField