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QuickField - simulation software for electromagnetics, heat transfer and stress analysis.

QuickField is a very efficient Finite Element Analysis package for electromagnetic, thermal, and stress design simulation with coupled multi-field analysis.

QuickField finds successful applications in many fields of industrial engineering, scientific researches and education. Combination of the ultimate simplicity of the pre- and postprocessors with powerful solvers provides QuickField users of different educational background with reliable tool which requires no training and able to deliver accurate simulation results within minutes.

Unlike many competing finite-element software packages QuickField requires no training. Its learning curve is extremely short, and it is equally suitable tool for both novices and seasoned engineering professionals. You are always welcome to discuss any technical question with experts from our QuickField Support team.

You may master QuickField using animated tutorials of the Virtual Classroom, you may browse through many example problems to find most related to your applications,

QuickField is designed as a flexible tool for wide range of applications. Some of them are more complicated, and require more help even with such a simple tool as QuickField. In this section we grouped links to additional resources related.

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We are always ready to assist you on all questions related to QuickField software.