A new approach to field modelling
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Educational solutions

QuickField is a powerful instrument for professional engineers, designers and researchers. It is also an ultimate teaching tool for high school, undergraduate or graduate classes as:

  • it is applicable to a wide range of the teaching applications
  • users do not need dedicated training or even a mathematical background
  • it has an extremely simple user interface

QuickField enables teachers to:

  • explain the physical nature of studied effects and processes and demonstrate the principles of operating industrial devices
  • develop "practical engineering sense" in their students by showing them how to visualize field equations and formulae they have studied
  • produce pictures and animated presentations of fields in various conditions
  • prepare students assignments in the form of example models or as design concepts to be simulated with QuickField

QuickField enables students to:

  • improve their understanding of assignments prepared by teachers studying various effects and processes
  • implement student research projects
  • gain a fundamental understanding of modern CAD/CAE technologies through entry level FEA analysis
  • gain experience of utilizing a real engineering tool which may be used in their professional career

PCB design with QuickField