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About us

Tera Analysis Ltd. is an international company with headquarters in Svendborg, Denmark. Since 1989 we provide FEA simulation tools for electromagnetic, heat transfer and stress analysis.

QuickField evolved from the electromagnetic simulation tool for electric generators to a powerful full-featured CAE package applicable for electrical, thermal, bio- and chemical engineering. Today it is used by major corporations and small startups, famous universities and independent researchers in all parts of the world.

QuickField originality is its unique combination of the simplicity and power - this approach was based on ideas and vision of Dr. Vyatcheslav Dombrovski and makes QuickField very different from the complicated and bulky mainstream FEA codes. QuickField is inextricable linked to Eugene Mazin, its original Chief Architect and remains a tribute to his memory.

Keeping QuickField simple and convenient while set of its features grow is a complicated task. But we believe that field simulations should be simple and natural part of any engineering process and this makes QuickField the tool of choice of many satisfied customers.

International network of distribution partners in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa brings QuickField closer in terms of the physical distance to the local support point. But all QuickField customers - including those who use the free Student Edition - are also directly supported by the dedicated Support Team via Internet and phone. Support Team members reside in Europe and North America and due to the time zone difference they are on duty virtually 24x7.

You may rely on our product QuickField and on people who stand behind it - Tera Analysis ltd.