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QuickField Editions

QuickField is a Windows software with very modest operating requirements, which will work on virtually any computer where Windows is running.

All three QuickField Editions - Student, Lite and Professional - share the same user interface, analysis options, documentation and are fully supported by the QuickField Support team. So to become acquainted with QuickField you may start from free Student Edition.

Minimal hardware configuration for all editions of QuickField is a Pentium grade processor, 1GB of RAM, 300 MB of free HDD space, USB port for copy-protection device (Single User Professional edition), or network card for Lite Edition or floating network installations of Professional edition.
4GB RAM will be sufficient for solving 2D problems of any size.
Higher clock speed is more important for QuickField performance than other hardware parameters. For the parametric analysis with LabelMover and QuickField Professional Edition you may benefit from more powerful computer (4 core processor).

Latest version QuickField 6.6 is compatible with 64-bit versions of these operating systems: Windows 7SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11.
QuickField may also work on other platforms using Windows emulator. We have performed successful testing of both Student and Professional editions installed on Linux or Mac OS computers.

Student Edition Lite Edition Professional Edition
2D Mesh size limit 255 about 4000 unlimited
3D Mesh size limit 4000 Practical upper limit for the interactive simulation session is about 100 000 nodes. Larger problems may be solved in offline mode.
Cost free Calculate quotation online Calculate quotation online
License term permanent per year per year or permanent
Network licensing availability single-user only License permits unlimited number of concurrent QuickField sessions within a campus Single-user and agreed number of floating network licenses are available
Licensing requirements no restrictions Academic only No restrictions, however, commercial and academic licensing terms are different

To check the performance of the Lite or Professional edition prior to purchasing you may request a free evaluation.