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Step-by-step tutorials

QuickField simulation example

These simple examples are supplied with video tutorials. These examples can be simulated using both the free Student and Professional Editions.

Magnetostatics. Steel keeper. Calculate the mechanical force acting on the steel yoke.
AC magnetics. Slot of the electric machine. The resistance of the conductor carrying sinusoidal current in the slot of the electric machine will be calculated.
AC magnetics + electric circuit, 3-phase transmission line with grounding. Calculate the current in the power transmission line connected with an external circuit load.
Transient magnetics. Coil. DC voltage is applied to the coil. Calculate the switching current.
Electrostatics. Microstrip line. Determine the capacitance of the microstrip transmission line.
DC conduction. Ground connector. Determine the resistance of the ground connector.
AC conduction. 3 phase cable. Determine the leakage current.
Transient electric. ZnO lighting arrester. The arrester consists of ZnO tablet placed inside ceramic tube. Electrodes are connected to the end tablets. Calculate the varistor current.
Heat transfer, steady-state. Slot conductor. Determine the temperature in the slot of the electric machine.
Heat transfer, transient. Safety fuse. Determine the operating time at short-circuit current.
Stress analysis. Dynamo wrench. Calculate the displacement.
Multiphysics: Magnetostatics + Stress analysis. Solenoid under current load. Calculate the stress distribution in the solenoid.