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Step-by-step tutorials

These simple examples are supplied with video tutorials. These examples can be simulated both by free Student and Professional Editions.

  • DC magnetics. Steel keeper. Calculate the mechanical force acting on the steel yoke.
  • AC magnetics. Slot of the electric machine. The resistance of the conductor, carrying 500 A sinusoidal current, in the slot of the electric machine will be calculated.
  • AC magnetics + electric circuit. 3-phase transmission line with grounding. Calculate the current in the power transmission line connected with an external circuit load.
  • Transient magnetics. Coil. DC voltage is applied to the coil. Calculate the switching current.
  • Electrostatics. Microstrip line. Determine the capacitance of the microstrip transmission line.
  • DC conduction. Ground connector. Determine the resistance of the ground connector.
  • AC conduction. 3 phase cable. Determine the leakage current.
  • Transient electric. ZnO lighting arrester. The arrester consists of ZnO tablet placed inside ceramic tube. Electrodes are connected to the end tablets. Calculate the varistor current.
  • Heat transfer, steady-state. Slot conductor. Determine the temperature in the slot of the electric machine.
  • Heat transfer, transient. Safety fuse. Determine the operating time at short-circuit current of 40 A.
  • Stress analysis. Dynamo wrench. Calculate the displacement.
  • Multiphysics, DC magnetics + Stress analysis. Solenoid under current load. Calculate the stress distribution in the solenoid.

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