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Free tools

These tools are distributed in source codes on "as is" basis. They may be used for their specific tasks, or as examples and templates of QuickField Programming. They are not necessarily production quality and have minimal, if any, documentation.

Depending on the used technology, tools may be run from within QuickField (like Add-ins included into QuickField distributive), run independently and then interact with QuickField on any Windows platform (vbs files) or even require some third party application to run (Microsoft Office for VBA). This is shown in the Type column of the table below.

Online tools

QuickField tools

Tool name Type Source Code Language
Add labels to contour
Add blocks or edges to contour by their labels.
HTML Application (HTA) JavaScript
AC Magnetic and Heat Transfer Double Coupling iterator
Iterative solution of two mutually coupled AC Magnetic and Heat Transfer QuickField problems
Microsoft Excel document VBA
Picture export from QuickField result window to Power Point presentation
Microsoft PowerPoint document VBA
Cylinder PM force 3D
This script calculates the force and torque acting on axially magnetized cylinders.
Microsoft Excel document VBA
Import/export from QuickField Data files
Microsoft Excel 2013 document VBA
Electric field lines
This tool plots single electric field line through the point specified by the user.
HTML Application (HTA) JavaScript
Equivalent air cavities thermal conductivity calculator
International standard ISO 10077-2:2012 offers the practical method of calculating the equivalent thermal conductivity of the air filled cavities. Excel spreadsheet was developed to implement this method using ActiveField interface.
Microsoft Excel 2013 document VBA
Linear contour in cylindrical problem
Field results along the straight line contour arbitrary positioned in 3D space relatively to axisymmetric QuickField model.
HTML Application (HTA) JavaScript
ModelCutter divides selected blocks using rectangular grid. Each sub-block is assigned a unique name and inherits the material data properties of the parent block.
Microsoft Excel 2013 document VBA
Model cleaner
Node coordinates round-up. Useful for cleaning model after DXF import.
HTML Application (HTA) JavaScript
Profile plotter
This script can add nodes from the table to the model and connect them with edges.
HTML Application (HTA) JavaScript
PCB impedance calculator
This script calculates the impedance of the printed circuit board with two conducting traces positioned in the dielectric layer between two ground plates.
Microsoft Excel 2013 document VBA
QuickField simulation report generator
This script generates simulation problem report in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.
Microsoft Word 2013 document VBA
Deformed body shape export from stress analysis problem results to geometry model file.
HTML Application (HTA) JavaScript
Time average integral
This tool works with QuickField transient analysis problems and automates calculations of the average and RMS values of the integrals over the total process time.
HTML Application (HTA) JavaScript
This script calculates and displays the charged particle trajectory in the static electric or magnetic field.
Microsoft Excel 365 document VBA

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