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Dates in QuickField are used only in the software licensing and logic associated with problem definition and result file consistency support. Time is used in internal 32-bit format only, without conversion to year-month-day form - so there is no potential risk associated with Y2K problem.

Our copy protection keys are also Y2K compliant.

Based on our internal testing, we are confident that the Windows versions of QuickField software fully comply with Y2K requirements. If you use QuickField 4.0 or 4.1 (either Student or Professional Edition), you need not be concerned. QuickField is safe to the same extent as the operation system (Windows 95/98/NT).

Prior releases (3.x DOS versions), however, may or may not be fully compliant, as the required tests were not performed. If you are interested in upgrading outdated version to the latest QuickField release, please contact us for our special upgrade offer!

Transformers simulation with QuickField. Part 2