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QuickField Evaluation

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Evaluation copy of Professional or Lite Editions is designed for customers, who want to check our product in more detail before placing the order. If you want free software for other uses - please download QuickField Student Edition. Please, complete this form to request the free evaluation copy.

QuickField Professional and Lite Editions are commercial software packages, therefore, giving free access to them for evaluation purposes is the privilege, and Tera Analysis Ltd reserves the right to refuse granting of the QuickField evaluation with no explanations.

  • Video: Install QuickField Evaluation on Windows 10
  • QuickField is a native Windows application. However, with Windows emulators it may be installed on Linux or Mac OS computers.

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     By checking this box I guarantee that the requested evaluation license, if granted, will be used for a period of time not longer than that specified by Tera Analysis Ltd and solely for the evaluation of QuickField software. I also acknowledge that without explicit written permission from Tera Analysis Ltd, the use of any QuickField simulation results obtained during the evaluation period for purposes other than the evaluation of QuickField software applicability for specific tasks is strictly prohibited. Limitation for the use of results for non-evaluation purposes which includes, but not limited to, design and technology improvements, product development, patents, sponsored researches and publications, may be voided if a regular Professional or Lite Editions of QuickField software is obtained within 6 months after the evaluation period end.

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