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Do I really need Visual Basic to use QuickField?
No, you do not. QuickField as a standalone package can be run by itself, and this is the most common way of using our software. Visual Basic or other development platform may be used for creating applications, working with QuickField through its Active Field interface.

I would like to know, how it is possible to visualize WITH AN ANIMATION the different steps made with LabelMover?
It is not implemented. You can use QuickField open object interface and write your own program to make animation.

Is it possible to define an edge in the QuickField LabelMover for calculating magnetic quantities, For example, a semi circle (mid air gap line) for computing flux per pole in a dc motor? This is available in the postprocessor window of QuickField under "Contour>Add Lines"
LabelMover can handle labeled geometric objects only. Please draw the edge in the model and give it some label. Open label properties dialogue and do not specify any data there. Then you can use this edge in LabelMover.

Is it at all possible to export the animation of the postprocessing problem(s) as a movie clip or something? The animations of the magnetic field lines (and others) would be fantastic to show within presentations, updates or to costumers.
Not possible. You can save each picture in separate file. Then use some tool to convert set of pictures to movie.

I am using MATLAB to calculate a heat transfer problem in QuickField, but I am unable to export the field from MATLAB to a .txt file.
You can export field from QuickField to txt file (File > Export). You can only do this through GUI. There is no ActiveField command.

Please could you tell me if there is a way of copying the whole post processor screen?
To copy the whole screen in the Windows there is a special key on the keyboard titled Print Screen.

How to delete a line or a point within ActiveField? Which command sentence should be used? Could you give an example?
To delete any geometric object you should first refer on it. For example, you may refer on any object through its label. Here is the sample procedure that deletes geometric objects with specified label:

Sub DoRemove(qfShapes As QuickField.Shapes, edgeLabelName As String)
	qfShapes.LabeledAs("", edgeLabelName, "").Delete
End Sub