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Where can I find the terms of the Software License for your products?
QuickField license terms are displayed during the installation process, and need to be accepted for the installation to be completed. Here is the copy of the QuickField Software License Agreement.

I downloaded the installation file from your website, but when I click on it installation procedure does not go. What's wrong?
1. Please check if file size is correct. It may happen that the file is not downloaded completely.
2. Windows has seamless interface to zip-archives. If you have downloaded the installation file in ZIP format - please unpack all files first and then run exe-file.

Old version of QuickField doesn't work after Windows update
You may need fresh key drivers (Sentinel Protection installer). https://supportportal.thalesgroup.com/csm/?id=sentinel

Where can I find installation log file?
It is stored in the temp folder on your computer. To get the location of the TEMP folder run the following command in DOS window: set %TEMP%. You can find DOS window if you go to Start > Run, and then type CMD.

Are there any ways to run QuickField setup manually if the automatic setup procedure fails?
If the automatic installation of the QuickField network workstation fails, you may try to do it manually using the command line interface.
The network licensed QuickField can be installed as following:
1. Run the command prompt window as administrator (WinKey+X - Command Prompt (admin))
2. Navigate to the folder containing the 'QuickFieldProfessional.msi' file
3. Type msiexec /i QuickFieldProfessional.msi LICENSE_TYPE=Multiple REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus
4. To install QF Prof Evaluation, use the following command line:
Msiexec /i QuickFieldProfessional.msi LICENSE_TYPE=Multiple SKIP_RESULT=true FROM_ADMIN=1 ADMINSERVER1="quickfield1.dyndns.org" ADMINSERVER2="quickfield2.dyndns.org" ADMINSERVER3="quickfield3.dyndns.org" REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus

If something goes wrong, it is a good idea to provide us with a full installation log file, named as "QuicField_setup.log" by adding the logging option: /L*V "C:\QuicField_setup.log"
This option generates more than 5000 lines of installation info. The full command will looks like
msiexec /i QuickFieldProfessional.msi /L*V "C:\QuicField_setup.log". LICENSE_TYPE=Multiple REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus