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Partial inductance matrix calculation

Mutual inductance matrix gives the quantitative estimation of the mutual magnetic affect of the conductors in the system. In practical engineering the field distribution in the system of conductors is replaced by the equivalent electric circuit consisting of inductances.

transmission line mutual inductancemutual inductance difinition

This equivalent schema operates with currents, fluxes and induction coefficients that comprise the mutual inductance matrix:

Ψ1a11 * I1 + a12 * I2 + ... + a1n * In
Ψ2a21 * I1 + a22 * I2 + ... + a2n * In
Ψnan1 * I1 + an2 * I2 + ... + ann * In,

    Ψk - k-conductor flux linkage,
    Ik - k-conductor current,
    aij - self and mutual inductances.

The matrix is symmetrical, i.e. aij = aji.

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