A new approach to field modelling
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Permanent magnets simulation with QuickField

Permanent magnets simulation with QuickField

Permanent magnets are widely used in many areas of engineering. Magnetic simulations may be considered as the strongest analytical feature of QuickField software. At this webinar we will show novice users various ways of defining the magnets in QuickField, explain how to calculate the magnetic forces, and demonstrate the presentation options for displaying magnetic simulation results.

  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1. Single permanent magnet

    2. Two permanent magnets

    3. Magnet and ferromagnetic body

    4. Permanent magnet and direct current source

    5. Permanent magnet and transient current source

    6. Attraction force as a function of distance

  • Watch online on YouTube.
  • Read presentation (in PDF format).

    View movieSimulation examples:
    Attraction of the cylindrical magnet to the steel plate,
    Attraction of the block magnets,
    Attraction of the cylindrical magnets,
    Repelling of the cylindrical magnets,