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Proximity- and skin-effect evaluated with QuickField

eddy current, skin effect, proximity effect

Proximity- and Skin-Effect

Proximity and skin effects are important phenomena which need to be well understood and taken into account in variety of applications.
Dieter Stotz, expert in audio-video technology and EMC who wrote two engineering books and already presented two QuickField webinars (part 1 and part 2) about liquid measurement technologies, will discuss physical processes caused by high frequency currents in vicinity of the conductive media. Skin, proximity and shielding effects will be analyzed using QuickField models. Different arrangements of conductors and media properties, various frequencies will be considered and results thoroughly analyzed.

  • Read presentation (in PDF format).
  • Download simulation examples:
    double wire,
    PCB trace,
    flat conductor,
    rod conductor,
    tube conductor,
    shielding closed,
    solid wire,
    shielding open.

  • Watch on YouTube.

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