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I have found my experience with QuickField to be excellent. While many FEA packages will offer the same technical capabilities, I have yet to see a package that is so easy to use, with such good support, and yet at such a relatively affordable price.

My analysis needs have evolved through the last few years, with the result that I do not repeatedly use any given function of the software. I started with a problem that required electrostatic analysis and have proceeded through steady state and transient thermal analysis to stress analysis as those needs have evolved. In each case, I have found the learning curve to be very short, often only a few hours before I have fully mastered each increment including linked problems (comparatively, I have spent many, many hours with other packages and still felt unsure of the process).

On the occasions when I have had problems, I have used the services the local technical support that has been excellent (Toronto, Canada). I have been able to send the model files to the local engineer who would analyze and correct the files and then return a corrected model with a good description of my misunderstanding very quickly; typically the next day even at the weekend!

From my perspective, the QuickField advantage is the intuitive nature of the software combined with the excellent post-sales technical support. Those strengths are what define good value for my business and I would not consider any other package to provide such a high-level of overall value.

Thanks for a great package!
TR Consulting