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Electrical engineering is one of the main applications of the electromagnetic finite element analysis, and leading producer of industrial electric motors, drives and generators - Baldor Electric Company (www.baldor.com) uses QuickField software since year 2000. Baldor, with headquarters in Fort Smith, Arkansas has 40 sales offices/warehouses in North America and 25 offices serving international markets. Motors, drives and generators are produced at 15 USA plants, and one in Bristol, England. Currently two of Baldor locations - Fort Smith head office and Charlotte plant- are equipped by separate network licenses of QuickField, and several groups of design engineers rely on this tool in their everyday work.

This experience was summarized in the article "How software assists designing motors and generators" published in the Machine Design magazine by Dr. Mikhail Khanin:

"QuickField, multiphysics simulation software, has proved efficient at our company for modeling electrical, electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical problems in electric motors and generators. Discussing techniques for solving a range of design problems highlights a few notable features in the software. For instance, Label Mover assists with parametric analysis of any model created in the software. Parameterized geometry and material libraries are useful when running multiple analyses in the search for higher motor efficiencies. QuickField works well at this task by letting users parameterize almost everything, including geometry, boundary conditions, and loads. It also works after analysis when users see characteristics with several values that need examining".