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TriAxis engineering uses QuickField for electromagnetic and thermal modeling

TriAxis engineering provides electrical engineering of overhead and underground power lines. We have found QuickField a useful tool in both electromagnetic and thermal modeling.

We are occasionally called upon to determine the currents induced on parallel high-voltage conductors. The QuickField AC Electromagnetics capabilities are very powerful and flexible. We can easily determine the currents induced on overhead shield wires, on adjacent communications cables, and, for underground cables, on the concentric neutral or shield. The ability to easily modify the physical configurations and adjust modeling parameters makes QuickField easy to use and very powerful. Where we need to develop solutions to problems, QuickField makes testing alternate solutions simple.

Our other major use of QuickField comes in the thermal modeling of underground power cables. We find QuickField useful for both steady state and dynamic modeling. Coupled with the electromagnetic modeling described above, we can develop complex systems that are not easily analyzed using traditional analytic methods. The ability to easily adjust element parameters, to rearrange components, and to change the associated electrical system makes QuickField easy to use. We find that the visual presentations in QuickField make understanding of the thermal systems behavior more intuitive and help us find solutions to thermal problems encountered.

TriAxis Engineering, USA