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Three phase cable

QuickField simulation example

This is an example of the 3-phase cable simulation, performed with QuickField software. The cable consists of 4 isolated conductors and is buried in the ground.

Problem Type
Plane-parallel problem of AC conduction.

Cable diameter is 80 mm, insulation thickness is 2 mm, shield thickness is 5 mm.
Three phase cable High frequency (400 Hz) three phase cable leakage current calculation phase A phase B phase C Ground Shield Insulation

Insulation dielectric permittivity 4, shield dielectric permittivity 2.
AC voltage U = 250 V (peak), frequency f = 400 Hz.

Determine the leakage current.

The conductors' bodies are excluded from the model, as there is no electric field inside conductors. Instead, the electric potentials on conductors' surfaces are specified.

The reactive leakage current is 0.57.. 0.64 mA per 1 meter of conductor length:
Electric field stress distribution in 3-phase cable