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QuickField distributive kit examples

These problems you already have in the QuickField distribution kit.

Mesh size limitation of the QuickField Student Edition does not affect its ability of analyzing the results of any large problem defined and solved with the Professional Edition.
To view the results with QuickField Student Edition:
1. Open problem file (*.pbm)
2. Use Problem>View Field Picture command or click the View Field Picture button.
View Field Picture button

DC Magnetic Problems
Magn1. Nonlinear permanent magnet
Magn2: Solenoid actuator
Magn3: Ferromagnetic C-magnet
Magn4: Electric motor
Magn5: Armature Winding Inductance
Perio1: Periodic Boundary Condition

AC Magnetic Problems
HMagn1: Slot embedded conductor
Hmagn2: Symmetric double line of conductors
Hmagn3: Nonlinear ferromagnetic core in sinusoidal magnetic field
Hmagn4: Coil with ferromagnetic core
Hmagn5: Induction pump
Laminated core iron loss
Perio2: Linear Electric Motor
Circuit1: Symmetric double line of conductors
Circuit2: Welding Transformer
Circuit3: Bandpass filter

Transient Magnetic Problems
TEMagn1: Transient eddy currents in a semi-infinite solid
TEMagn2: Transient eddy currents in a two-wire line
TEMagn3: Thermal Relay
Dirich1: Time- and Coordinate-Dependent Boundary Condition
TECircuit1: Coil with ferromagnetic core
TECircuit2: Pulse transformer

Electrostatic Problems
Elec1: Microstrip transmission line
Elec2: Two conductor transmission line
Elec3: Cylindrical Deflector Analyzer

Electrostatic 3D Problems
Arcing horns bushing insulator
Bushing insulator
Cable termination
Comb drive
Cylindrical capacitor
Dielectric ellipsoid
Microstrip crossover
Mushroom electrodes
Spark plug electric field
Suspension insulator
Two disc capacitor
Variable capacitor

DC Conduction Problems
DCCond1: Cable thermal breakdown voltage

DC Conduction 3D Problems
Bent copper wire electrical resistance
Rim anodizing

AC Conduction Problems
ACElec1: Plane Capacitor
ACElec2: Cylindrical capacitor
ACElec3: Slot Insulation

Transient Electric Problems
TElec1: Nonlinear capacitor
TElec2: ZnO lighting arrester
TElec3: Stress control tube for cable termination

Heat Transfer Problems
Heat1: Slot of an electric machine
Heat2: Cylinder with temperature dependent conductivity
THeat1: Heating and Cooling of a Slot of an Electric Machine
THeat2: Temperature Response of a Suddenly Cooled Wire
THeat3: Transient Temperature Distribution in an Orthotropic Metal Bar

Heat Transfer 3D Problems
Chip radiator heat sink
ISO 10211:2007: Thermal bridges in building construction. Test case A.3 validation
ISO 10211:2007: Thermal bridges in building construction. Test case A.4 validation
PCB temperature

Stress Analysis Problems
Stres1: Perforated plate

Coupled Problems
Coupl1: Stress distribution in a long solenoid
Coupl2: Cylinder subject to temperature and pressure
Coupl3: Temperature distribution in an electric wire
Coupl4: Tokamak solenoid
Coupl5: Saturable reactor
Coupl6: Electromagnetic Screen

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