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Bent copper wire resistance

QuickField simulation example

Calculation of bending effect on wire electrical resistance

Problem Type
3D problem of DC conduction.


bent copper wire 3D model

All dimensions are in millimeters.

Copper electric conductivity σ = 56 MS/m.
Current I = 100 A.

Determine the resistance of the bent copper wire.

The resistance R is equal to the ratio of voltage drop V to the current I
R = V / I [Ohm]
We apply normal current density jn = I / A (where A is a wire cross-section area) at current terminal and zero potential at ground terminal. DC conduction simulation yields the current terminal electric potential V.

Electric potential and current distribution in a wire:

Bent copper wire electric current simulation

Current terminal electric potential V = 0.00168 [V].
Resistance R = 0.00168 / 100 = 16.8 [uOhm].

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