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Porcelain corrugated insulator

Porcelain solid type bushing insulator of sinusoidal shape under nominal conditions.

Problem Type: electrostatics.

Geometry: 3D import.

porcelain corrugated insulator model

Insulator permittivity 2.2;
High voltage potential HV = 1000 V;
Ground electric potential V0 = 0 V.

Calculate the electric field stress distribution on insulator surface.

This problem could be simulated as 2D (axisymmetric) or 3D (import). The sinusoidal profile shape is generated in Excel file, that produces the table of coordinates (x,y,z). This table is imported in SOLIDWORKS to create either 3D body or 2D sketch.

Electric field stress distribution in insulator

porcelain corrugated insulator stress

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    Solving in QuickField.
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