A new approach to field modelling
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Electric field profile for various types of electrodes

The systems of electrodes used in industrial electrochemical processes are simulated. In many cases, the shape and dimensions of the electrodes are not standardized and are set during manufacture.
In this example the electrodes of rode, disc and spherical shapes are simulated.

Task type:
Axisymmetric problem of electrostatics.

V+ V- Disc electrodes V+ V- Spherical electrodes V+ V- Rode electrodes

Relative permeability of air ε = 1;
HV electrode potential = 1 kV.

Determining field distribution of the different types of electrodes configuration.

In QuickField axis of rotation is placed horizontally. In the model we should draw only the cross-section located to one side of rotation axis.

Electric field stress distribution in the air gap:

Electric field stress distribution in gap

  • Download simulation files (files may be viewed using any QuickField Edition).